A Dance of Sellswords Part 3

Here is the third piece of the six part tale of, “A Dance of Sellswords”. Thank you for your support and enjoy the next installment of this untold story.


Rogue tempests held no candle to the force of nature being brought into the world. The great celestial skies of midnight shaped a veil of stars that beckoned a riled and ever-changing sea. Nature, in itself came together for no one else or so the legends were told across the tapestries of time and history. Vyctor and Edlen barely had enough time to make it safely to the den of creatures that call the four winds of the world home. the Windresirs of Sereinne.
Vyctor eased his beloved wife on his cloak that he just finished laying out when, her screams filled the air, as another contraction surged through her body. For twenty-six hours, the pain did not falter. No respite could comfort their hearts, not knowing when their child would come into this world, but when caught them off guard was the Windresirs and how they were closer to them on either side.  Blythe, the matriarch of the zephyrs of the north, stood steadfast as another pained cry passed thru Edlen. For, a new life was about to come swiftly into the world, but what no one had foreseen was a celestial from the Halls of Lyreires made her presence known.
Wise and a fierce warrior forged in the fires of war, the goddess Pallas arrived while the others descend.  A few Wolfsayers spared their supplies while they bustled out of her way, as she knelt by Edlen’s side. “It’s time, for this little one to come into the world, Oberyn has foreseen it.”
Edlen breathed thru her last contraction. “How can you be so sure?” Her mind’s eye delved across a field and back again. Pallas smiled at the expectant mother.
“Forget everything else that clouds your mind, what does your heart tell you, Edlen Certhviean? Allow your heart to find hers, and tell me what you’re afraid of.” Vyctor grabbed a hold of Edlen’s hand as she pushed thru another wave of pain, as she began to push. Wisps of wind and a veil of mist washed over her, as she felt her child finally making her presence known. Sure, the pain was one way but she had no control over that, but wait did the wise one, reveal their hearts were right and that they would be welcoming their little girl into this new world.
Despite all the discomfort she endured, it was still euphoric to know their daughter, their firstborn is finally here.   Before she can try to fathom anything else, a baby’s cries filled the air. Symphonies of the four winds carried over the air, to greet a new life. Pallas gave her blessing to the newborn child as she handed her over to her mother. “This child is a beacon of hope for those who have none, she will receive all the blessings we have to offer, she will become our champion. What is her name?”
Both mercenary lords were lost for words, their daughter was just born and already she has the blessings from all the Srielriya gods, and their kin save those who clung to the shadows. Thinking it over, without much trouble, as if it was second nature and their hearts were one and the same, Vyctor turned his attention to the fierce shield-maiden. “Firena, Firena Certhviean.”
Windresirs drew closer still. The twin gods gave their blessings to Firena, as Leila took her into her arms. Oberyn’s eyes glowed a golden hue before he turned his gaze to the newborn’s parents. “A winged wolf flies across a midnight sky filled with stars and over a raging sea, who lives eternally, unlike you and the rest of your kin, she is one of three who will guide your kin into a golden age. Make no mistake she is more than she appears.”
Firena’s fingers clung to her mother’s chemise and drew closer, Edlen rubbed small circles along her daughter’s back. “We’ll always stand beside her, my lord Oberyn. She is our child.”
Leila’s silver armor glistened along the torches that burned bright, as if the stars themselves had graced them with their presence. “You misunderstand, Wolfsayer. My brother sees two wolves standing by her side thru everything life will throw her way. Beside, a winged wolf of the four winds, there will dwell a wolf of sea and fire.”
Vyctor ran his hands over his face, clapping his knees gingerly before he addressed the twin gods in front of fire.  “What if we don’t want her to live this life? To be what we are, not just mercenaries but Wolfsayers.”
Silence crept over the dens of the Windresirs, not even the gods whispered a word thereafter. Yet, for all the silence that remained, one mind, body and soul kept her voice above their own, Firena.  She may be a newborn child, and she may cry from time to time, but her heart beats true. Her spirit is a dreamer, one of the truest believers, only she knows where her path lies. Pallas thought. “That’s not for us to decide, Vyctor. You may be her parents, and yes you brought her into this world, and you love her dearly, we all see it, but who are you to decide her fate… who are you to take away her voice?”
Before either could argue with the wise goddess of the Srielriya, Pallas cut them off at the pass. “Do you honestly believe she will be a little girl forever, that you can keep this a secret from her. She deserves to know who she is… where she comes from… don’t take that away from her, she is stronger than you realize.”
She’s the Wind Crethighe, and she cannot die, but mark my words, Vyctor and Edlen Certhviean. Her time will come and when it does, a rogue tempest, will not be weathered and tamed, but instead a wisp of fresh air that will carry us through our dreams and into reality.

Stay tuned for the continuation of the, Lost Tales of the Srielriya, that will delve further into the pasts of Vyctor and Edlen Certhviean, coming soon.



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