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Midnight Wisp Essence


The essence of the Midnight Wisps can only be found the hearts of the truest believers and the flower of the same name. Although, they have their differences, while the plant itself is shrouded with mystery, the essence that can be found in the hearts of the truest believers, some say made their lives immortal ones, but the truth is, the essence comes from the flower itself and when it comes in contact with someone who plucks it from the earth, it  will sense the guardians of the earth, the beacons of balance between light and shadow. Amidst a midnight sky, filled to the brim with starlight, the essences become one and the same and will never be the same … or so the legends, myths, and hymns the bards have sung and wrote about throughout history.



Midnight Wisp Flower


A native flower of Srielrian that grows under a starlight sky. If the petals are crushed & thrown into the air at night with a incantation, the Wind Crethighe may be summoned. It also known for its healing properties. However, this Srielriya flower is still rather mysterious indeed … for no one knows for sure what properties lies within its boundaries of magic and life.