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Hey everyone, I apologize for not posting a new post in a while it was not my intention to do so. I do have some updates to share with you.

First, is the new day of the week that I will be posting on my blog. Instead of Thursdays, a new post will be posted sometime on Saturdays unless I say otherwise. Part 4 of “A Dance of Sellswords” will either be posted this Saturday or one of the later dates that will be mentioned in the A/N I’ll be posting soon about new posts.

Secondly, the first 10 chapters of “Heart and Soul of Srielrian” and the first 12 chapters of “Wolfsayer” are ready to view on Wattpad. Updates normally will occur on either Fridays or Saturdays, or will be posted the following Friday if everything goes well.

Thirdly, I started the sixth book of “The Wolfsayer Series”, titled “Midnight Wisp” that will come out soon. I’ve just reached Chapter 3.

Lastly, after I finish “The Wolfsayer Series”, I will be starting a new project. The first book of my 22 book Gothic Norse Series will come out soon after I finish book 8 of “The Wolfsayer Series”.

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New Chapter on Wattpad


Chapter 2 of “Heart and Soul of Srielrian”, is now on Wattpad. Enjoy and I hope all is well. Have a great rest of your weekend. Thank you for reading and the support. Stay tuned for the newest update for Chapter 3 and other chapters that will soon follow.

Also note, that after today, I will be posting the chapters of “Heart and Soul of Srielrian”, on Wattpad on Fridays instead of Saturdays.



Wolfsayer Series on Wattpad


Hello everyone,

Today I just wanted to let you know, that I will be starting to post my books on Wattpad, in chronological order for those who are interested in reading them and leave a comment in the comments below. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy the journey of the Wolfsayers and Firena Certhviean’s legacies.

Also please note, the A/N at the beginning of the books, and read that first. Thanks again, and I hope all is well.




A Dance of Sellswords Part 3

Here is the third piece of the six part tale of, “A Dance of Sellswords”. Thank you for your support and enjoy the next installment of this untold story.


Rogue tempests held no candle to the force of nature being brought into the world. The great celestial skies of midnight shaped a veil of stars that beckoned a riled and ever-changing sea. Nature, in itself came together for no one else or so the legends were told across the tapestries of time and history. Vyctor and Edlen barely had enough time to make it safely to the den of creatures that call the four winds of the world home. the Windresirs of Sereinne.
Vyctor eased his beloved wife on his cloak that he just finished laying out when, her screams filled the air, as another contraction surged through her body. For twenty-six hours, the pain did not falter. No respite could comfort their hearts, not knowing when their child would come into this world, but when caught them off guard was the Windresirs and how they were closer to them on either side.  Blythe, the matriarch of the zephyrs of the north, stood steadfast as another pained cry passed thru Edlen. For, a new life was about to come swiftly into the world, but what no one had foreseen was a celestial from the Halls of Lyreires made her presence known.
Wise and a fierce warrior forged in the fires of war, the goddess Pallas arrived while the others descend.  A few Wolfsayers spared their supplies while they bustled out of her way, as she knelt by Edlen’s side. “It’s time, for this little one to come into the world, Oberyn has foreseen it.”
Edlen breathed thru her last contraction. “How can you be so sure?” Her mind’s eye delved across a field and back again. Pallas smiled at the expectant mother.
“Forget everything else that clouds your mind, what does your heart tell you, Edlen Certhviean? Allow your heart to find hers, and tell me what you’re afraid of.” Vyctor grabbed a hold of Edlen’s hand as she pushed thru another wave of pain, as she began to push. Wisps of wind and a veil of mist washed over her, as she felt her child finally making her presence known. Sure, the pain was one way but she had no control over that, but wait did the wise one, reveal their hearts were right and that they would be welcoming their little girl into this new world.
Despite all the discomfort she endured, it was still euphoric to know their daughter, their firstborn is finally here.   Before she can try to fathom anything else, a baby’s cries filled the air. Symphonies of the four winds carried over the air, to greet a new life. Pallas gave her blessing to the newborn child as she handed her over to her mother. “This child is a beacon of hope for those who have none, she will receive all the blessings we have to offer, she will become our champion. What is her name?”
Both mercenary lords were lost for words, their daughter was just born and already she has the blessings from all the Srielriya gods, and their kin save those who clung to the shadows. Thinking it over, without much trouble, as if it was second nature and their hearts were one and the same, Vyctor turned his attention to the fierce shield-maiden. “Firena, Firena Certhviean.”
Windresirs drew closer still. The twin gods gave their blessings to Firena, as Leila took her into her arms. Oberyn’s eyes glowed a golden hue before he turned his gaze to the newborn’s parents. “A winged wolf flies across a midnight sky filled with stars and over a raging sea, who lives eternally, unlike you and the rest of your kin, she is one of three who will guide your kin into a golden age. Make no mistake she is more than she appears.”
Firena’s fingers clung to her mother’s chemise and drew closer, Edlen rubbed small circles along her daughter’s back. “We’ll always stand beside her, my lord Oberyn. She is our child.”
Leila’s silver armor glistened along the torches that burned bright, as if the stars themselves had graced them with their presence. “You misunderstand, Wolfsayer. My brother sees two wolves standing by her side thru everything life will throw her way. Beside, a winged wolf of the four winds, there will dwell a wolf of sea and fire.”
Vyctor ran his hands over his face, clapping his knees gingerly before he addressed the twin gods in front of fire.  “What if we don’t want her to live this life? To be what we are, not just mercenaries but Wolfsayers.”
Silence crept over the dens of the Windresirs, not even the gods whispered a word thereafter. Yet, for all the silence that remained, one mind, body and soul kept her voice above their own, Firena.  She may be a newborn child, and she may cry from time to time, but her heart beats true. Her spirit is a dreamer, one of the truest believers, only she knows where her path lies. Pallas thought. “That’s not for us to decide, Vyctor. You may be her parents, and yes you brought her into this world, and you love her dearly, we all see it, but who are you to decide her fate… who are you to take away her voice?”
Before either could argue with the wise goddess of the Srielriya, Pallas cut them off at the pass. “Do you honestly believe she will be a little girl forever, that you can keep this a secret from her. She deserves to know who she is… where she comes from… don’t take that away from her, she is stronger than you realize.”
She’s the Wind Crethighe, and she cannot die, but mark my words, Vyctor and Edlen Certhviean. Her time will come and when it does, a rogue tempest, will not be weathered and tamed, but instead a wisp of fresh air that will carry us through our dreams and into reality.

Stay tuned for the continuation of the, Lost Tales of the Srielriya, that will delve further into the pasts of Vyctor and Edlen Certhviean, coming soon.



A Dance of Sellswords Part 2

Here is the second piece of the six part tale of, “A Dance of Sellswords”. Thank you for your support and enjoy the story.

It had been a few months since their close run in with the Vearin. No one knew how they had escaped without a trace, but those were the great mercenary lords for blathers of gossip. Their travels took the latter all across Glinre, even thru the unknown territories of Zegrelith, Neyinxin, and Erotherynn.  Even in their dreams they faced another adventure. Wolfsayers are curious creatures, sentients really. Some have tried to learn anything they could.
Alas no one knew where to start or where to end their search. Elusive as many fractals of nature, a tale of Wolfsayers passed into legend. Myths to be passed down from generation from generation, to teach children and others a lesson, though a latter crossed social circles throughout the ages, not one spins in the direction of the truth.
A lie is a lie no matter how it’s spun.
Spindles held no candles to those who have been misled. Vyctor and Edlen had heard all, from the tall tales of Wolfsayers coming out all during the full moon, and that they could rival the Vrakarthres in their ways, to the time they passed thru Hervoren where several knight errant lords and their disciples, who supplant the good names of the Wolfsayers, because of one depraved lunatic, as he drove himself mad with his lust for power. The latest tale was of Edlen’s parents, the Lord and Lady of Theranosse, Renieva and Edric Anlryn.   How her mother couldn’t stomach the atrocities her little brother committed so she turned her gaze away, as multitudes were left alone to fend helplessly for themselves against his fists of iron, while her father is in over his head, and those where the kinder ones.
It didn’t take long for Vyctor’s hand was forced into action, each and every time, he defended her honor, and swallowed his anger when the rumors grew against him. Until one low life drunk spurned his unborn child.
When Edlen gave him the news, he felt a swell of pride burst at the seam and beyond another intricately and newly sown thread in a tapestry. It was then, he faltered in his resolve, whoever tries to insult him is welcome to do so despite how he feels, but if someone dared the same upon his lover and wife, and any child they brought into this life, they had better watch their step.
To face the ire of a slighted Wolfsayer was most unwise.
Rinsing his bloodied knuckles of the drunk’s blood from his hands, Vyctor grabbed a cloth nearest to him and tossed it on the unconscious man’s bloodied face.  His nose and jaw broken in three places, the Lord Srielrian slipped out the front door without anyone to stop him or his wife from leaving the tavern. “Are you alright?” He asked, as he gently caressed her abdomen. “Did they raise a hand to you or the baby?”
Edlen shook her head, while she tended to her own injuries on their way out.  “No, no one got a chance, they were dead before any of their strikes fell upon us, my love.”  Enveloping his blistered hand in hers, she addressed him further. “Besides I wasn’t the one who threw the fallen knight errant lords across the tavern and out the door into the street.”
Just before he could say anything else, he felt a surge pulse against his hand like he was caught up in the outskirts away from the eye of the storm. “Did you feel that?” He asked, surprised by the force behind it was like a rogue tempest.
She smiled. “Of course, I did. She takes after both of us.” He heard her say.  His wife thought they were having a daughter instead of a son. Many would argue the same old questions, how do you know it’s the latter, whether it is a son or daughter. But the Great Wolf of Srielrian, reveled in the idea of having a daughter, it didn’t matter to him so long as they were happy and healthy.
Now it was his turn to smile. “If I didn’t know any better, I would argue she will not take after both of us, she is her own force of nature to reckon with, and when she arrives… the stars themselves will fly across the heavens, in a veil of starlight to welcome her.” He said.         Planting a gentle kiss where he last felt a kick, Vyctor took Edlen in his arms and left the tavern behind.
They had been married not long after the incident near the Norhainor Mountains, at least it didn’t feel that way to them. For nearly the entire year they have known each other, they grew closer. Gravity in its power seemed to draw them together, and with a sense of euphoria and a platonic air, they fell for one another.
Despite how many have spread their opinions, the lovebirds didn’t care. For within sight was the lives they wished to lead, and destinies were forever intertwined that glorious eventide, when Edlen in all but name eloped with him. She didn’t care for the life she held a court, nor did she care that her father thought her lover was no match for her.
Her mother, Lady Renieva knew her daughter well. She was just like her when she was her age, but in her heart, she knew that if they have decided to give her a grandchild, that one day, they’d be a force unlike anything the world has ever seen.
Not necessarily a bad thing, she thought. Whomever they are, they’ll keep this world on its toes. A great storm is coming and we best be ready when it does for this will be a rogue tempest.

Stay tuned for the continuation of the, Lost Tales of the Srielriya, that will delve further into the pasts of Vyctor and Edlen Certhviean on August 31st. 

A Dance of Sellswords Part 1

I know it has been awhile but I would like to take a moment and thank everyone who has followed me and my books thus far, so thank you for your support. And for those who are new here, welcome and I hope you enjoy the stories being told here. Without any further delay, let the next chapter within the Lost Tales of the Srielriya begin.


Long nights and colossal storms stirred awake, the world’s most powerful obelisks. One by one, the Wolfsayers clashed.  Sovereigns, Enforcers, Mentors, and Guardians, it made no difference. How could it, when all seemed lost in the wildness of eternity.  To live within the realms of the seen and the unseen, shadows and flames erupt thru bramble thickets. Thorns cut deep, wounds linger and maelstroms swell beyond a mind’s eye. Lust for power and lands that were never their own, House Anlryn’s ever aggressive firebrand, Helthornnayus made his mark on the world around them.  Merciless disciples pillaged and burned all within their path.   For once, it seemed as though the Wolfsayers however ripped apart at the seams they were, they now shared a common enemy.
A year had passed before the remnants fled to whence they came, to live and fight another day.    Nevertheless, peace between the eight great houses of Wolfsayers was elusive as ever. House Anlryn and House Certhviean were nearly at each other’s throats for several years. Bloodlust has sowed its seeds deep within a rooted beneath a felled tree. First, Rowan Anlryn… then his youngest son and heir, Helthornnayus… raised arms against the Dravnien’s, and his own daughter, Farina Anlryn’s joined forces. Broken shards of trust remained untouched for many years.  For many years, still Anlryn and Certhviean were at ends but new threads of life were rose like phoenixes from the ashes, and into the flames of a bright new age.
Maybe the friendship could be mended between sovereign bloods. Since the harsh and bitter cold winter airs of Srielrian, Vyctor and his northern lords barely staved a listening ear for House Anlryn’s affairs. Tending to their own, they rebuilt homes, and saved lives after a brief gathering with Lloyd Anlryn and his bannermen.   Once the news Helthornnayus’ disciples have fallen at the claws of the Srielriya Drakes of the Norhainor Mountains, Lloyd’s business there was finished. No bloodshed between Vyctor’s and Lloyd’s sentinels were spilt, but in remembrance for all the ones that fell into the hands of Dis, kept the distance evermore.
Riddled aflame, the maelstroms were reborn anew and a new phoenix rose from the flames. Two hearts forever intertwined, the beating heart of true love or so the bards have sung. They have come a long way since Vyctor held her at his sword’s edge. It’s strange when they remind themselves of how their so-called fairytale began. Who started that anyway, the bards or blathers of gossipers, is there any difference between the whisperers of the outside world, outsiders looking in, professing to matters they barely understand… neither Edlen or Vyctor knew.
Nor did they give strangers to their mind’s eye quell the love they felt for another. Some called it a forbidden love, others a fairytale in their lives. If only others felt that way, Edlen thought. Staving her thoughts away from the troublesome air that filled her heart, a tender but gentle kiss laid to rest upon her bare shoulder, the great shield-maiden of Theranosse closed her eyes.  “Vyctor, we need to go. It’s not safe here.”
Vyctor ignored her warning, as he trailed his lips up her shoulder and skirted across her jawline. One of his hands gingerly brushed along her waist until it rested on her outer thigh. “We’ve reached the summit of Eriecen Highlands. No one will find us up here.” He reasoned. Edlen blissfully shook her head as she turned around in his embrace and leaned in to kiss his lips.
“Oh, really? We’re deep inside Vrakarthre territory and you believe they won’t notice our presence here?” She continues as she presses her lips to his once more in a passionate kiss.
He smiled into the kiss. “Where’s your sense of adventure, my love? We’re Wolfsayers, not defenseless.”  Cupping her face in his hands, caught in a loving embrace, “These wolves are fierce warriors but we are humble travelers who are just passing thru.” Gently pulling away from her side, Vyctor Certhviean rose to his feet. “Fine.” He said meeting her apprehensive gaze. Reaching for his clothes, he got dressed and gathered his weapons, as Edlen did the same.
“How far is the Ilrie Forest?” Edlen asked curiously while she finished pulling on her boots.    Vyctor runs his hand over the back of his neck.
“A few days ride, if the weather holds.” He said. Sheathing his swords, he called for their horses but they didn’t come. Drawing one of his daggers free, he beckoned Edlen to do the same. Staying close to the trees and weaving thru another forested knoll, rustling leaves crackled and crunched under their elusive shadow and visitor. But neither dared say a word, should they draw any more unwanted attention.
Edlen looked around, nearly tripping on a branch along the way. Keeping close to the shadows herself, she drew her daggers close to her heart. Twigs and leaves snapped behind her. Suddenly jarred back into the tree at her back, a grizzled maw met steel.
She spun her arms down in an arc, her daggers pierced thru flesh and bone. “We’re being hunted!” She called out to Vyctor. Quickly slipping her daggers to her sides, Edlen looked around once more. However, he did not answer. Before she could muster the nerve to call out to him again, another shadow lunged for her, a ray of silver gleamed in sunlight, and there was a familiar face.
“They’re growing bolder.” He said as he cleansed his daggers on the fur of the dead werewolves. “Anvraya’s filth, have traveled far to have reached us here. They must have tracked us since Krevnevris.”
Howls echoed across the air. Wafts of mist rolled across the highlands. “They’re here.”


Stay tuned for the continuation of the, Lost Tales of the Srielriya, that will delve further into the pasts of Vyctor and Edlen Certhviean on May 31st.