About Hannah

Hannah R. Smith was born in Tarzana, California. When she turned nineteen, she began to write her first book of her New Adult, High Fantasy Series, The Wolfsayer Series, “Heart and Soul of Srielrian”.

Shortly after she graduated from Foothill High School in 2009, she attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and two years later, she graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design.

In the year, 2011 she co-founded a small business called Creative Sole Ink alongside her mother Susan Smith.

As An Author

Writing fantasy is pure escapism. Her creative writing comes from both the heart and soul. She strives to bring the stories to life through a balance of vivid details and relatable characters. When you read through her novels, the stories will draw you into other worlds of fantasy.

As A Great Storyteller

Hannah’s vivid imagination is very creative through the details she brings to the characters and creatures she brings to life in her books. Stories and mystic realms never seen before come to light in enchanting stories that she writes. Being a writer for a several years thus far and reading fantasy has helped prepare her for her pursuit of a promising career in storytelling.

As An Accomplished Graphic Designer

She has created many rich designs as a graphic artist that range between realistic textures to contemporaries. Her designs are both exquisite and original, whether they are of vibrant colors and/or black and white stills.