Eight families predestined to keep the balance between light and shadow. A two thousand aged shadow cursed the families in thousands year old curse forcing them into an eternal battle with no respite. Hope resides in the predestined chosen three of their kin to break a curse before the final battle.

Believed to be the only Wolfsayer left alive, open to speculations Firena Anlryn must find out who she is before time runs out. After her fight with the Demon Sorcerer Wethreir, Firena soon comes face to face with the forsaken Wolfsayer in a war full of revelations and the empowerment of women. With many buried truths coming to light her life and the lives of others will change now more than ever, empowering their lives beyond their wildest dreams. Insidious shadows arise fiercer than the first and with their coming, darkness descends.

Ancient and new relations collide in a battle of the ages. Predestined to raise the swords of war against the thralls of shadow and the forsaken one, three Wolfsayers are named saviors amongst their kin. The final battle between the cursed and the blessed draws closer, once the first curse falls apart and another arises. Another troubling ordeal sheds clarity that the heroes must unite if they have any hope of succeeding whilst one of their own stands alone. Will it be too late to halt the shadow's advanceā€¦ Who will thrive in the end?